• What is the local pickup address?

You will be able to see local pick-up address(s) when selecting local pick-up in check-out before making your payment. 

  • What products are good for itchy, flaky scalp?

After your hair and scalp have been shampooed with Lather. We recommend applying Soothe directly to your scalp. It is formulated for itchy, flaky scalp. It can be used on the body too.

  • Can I use the products on my body? 


  • Can I use the products on my beard? And what do you recommend?

Yes, and we recommend shampooing your beard with Lather, towel dry or blow dry on low heat, then spritz with Condition, oil your beard with Shine or Grow, then seal with Soothe. 

  • Are they safe to use on a baby? 

We have clients that use our products on their babies but we recommend speaking with your pediatrician first to make sure there are no allergies. 

  • I’m looking for a good hair care regimen. What do you recommend?

We recommend any set from our collection series. Depending on your needs, it’s good to start there. The collection, ‘The pHab 4’, has a shampoo, a rose water moisturizer, an oil for shine and a butter for your scalp. When you buy a collection item, you’re also getting a discount. Win/win!